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Quartet of Peace: Grant Application

The Quartet of Peace is guided by two core aims: to support young string players further their training in whatever ways suit their individual needs; and, to help develop local skills in instrument repair.

The QoP trust awards grants to successful applicants who are seeking funding to further their musical training or their instrument repair skills. In addition, the QoP trust sponsors music training workshops and applications for such funding may also be made by filling out the below form.

In all instances, trust members are available to offer mentorship and personal advice for aspiring musicians and instrument repairers. If you have any questions –  from deciding which courses to pursue, or how to adapt to the ways of a new society and country – please be in contact and we we will be glad to offer guidance and assistance where we can.

If your application is successful, you will be expected to take part in occasional fundraising activities to support the Quartet of Peace Trust.

Your application should cover your reasons for applying and your proposed career after the completion of your studies and training.

Applicant Submissions

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NOTE: Only those questions marked by an "*" are to be completed by applicants for event/workshop grants.