We are motivated

by a vision that the Quartet of Peace will become a South African cultural icon – loved, respected, and admired both locally and internationally, and inspiring support for South Africa’s musical life and its talented musicians.

We strive to: promote reconciliation, mutual respect and tolerance through music; create music and performances that will serve as a vivid reminder of where we came from and what we have achieved; provide financial assistance to individuals who are financially disadvantaged and who need additional resources in order to fulfill their artistic potential; and address the critical shortage of qualified instrument repair training in South Africa.

We are driven

by a desire to emulate the example of South Africa’s four Nobel Laureates. In this, the Quartet of Peace was created.
Four instruments that embody the weight of each laureate’s contribution, and reverberate with the values that they inspire.

Moved by Albert Luthuli’s struggle, ‘Freedom’ is the first violin in the set.

‘Peace’ is the second, and is inspired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s unwavering personification of the ideal.

The ‘Reconciliation’ viola is designed in the image of FW de Klerk’s example.

And finally, the deep and resounding notes of the ‘Hope’ cello, remind us of an imagined collective future, and Nelson Mandela’s vision of what can be.

We are active

in achieving two primary objectives: raising funds so that we may realise the QoP’s vision.

In this, a crucial priority is hosting public concerts and private house recitals featuring young South African Trust scholars together with musicians who support our work. The proceeds from these events go towards supporting the next generation of musicians and provide our current scholars with an opportunity to showcase their exceptional skills and talent.

The funds raised, together with donations received by the trust, are then allocated to support the development of young musicians and instrument repairers. The awarding of individual grants to outstanding young applicants and the sponsoring of workshops to encourage the practice of musicianship at all levels, (thereby enlarging the pool of talent from which we draw our scholars) are the two avenues in which the QoP supports young musical development.

We are grateful

to our Trustees, partners, Patrons, and Ambassador for their dedication and unwavering support.

Trust & Trustees

The UK and South African Trusts, while separate legal entities, are closely intertwined and share a relationship that springs from their common objectives and joint enterprises.

The South African Trust was formed in mid-2012.
The trustees are Brian Figaji (chair), Millard Arnold, Angela Craig, Adam Howard, Nkunkuleko Nyembezi-Heita, Brian O’Connell, Nick Segal & Michael Spicer. 

The UK Trust was instituted to expand the profile of the QoP enterprise and ideals, offering support to QoP music scholars in the UK and facilitating UK-based fundraising. The UK Trustees are Deborah Lavin (chair), Dr Louise Lansdown, Lauren Jacobson & Penny Silva. 


We are fortunate to work alongside

The Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and MIAGI, from whose ranks young beneficiaries of QoP grants have been selected.


Both trusts are proud to be represented by our Founding Patrons

Thandi Luthuli-Gcabashe, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and ex-President F.W. de Klerk.

We are sad to have lost two of the Founding Patrons whose attributions (‘Peace’ and ‘Reconciliation’) were enshrined by Brian Lisus when he crafted the instruments and conceived the idea of the Quartet of Peace in 1990.

The UK Trust is further honoured to be represented by David Dimbleby and Julian Lloyd Webber.


We are privileged to be represented by our Ambassador

Barbara Bailey.

In securing the future

we need your support.

With time come more ambitious aims and ever more calls on our funds.  The Trust is regularly overwhelmed with requests for help from deserving young musicians, and we would like to be in a position to explore collaborations to ensure the best use of our resources in a limited field.  The urgent need now is to build a strong core of funding to perpetuate our help to future beneficiaries, with the backing of a world-wide community of support.

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